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Kai Cenat Wins $100K Bet with Adin Ross

Twitch streamer Kai Cenat continues on his journey in attempting to complete/defeat Elden Ring and after beating Elden Ring boss ‘Godfrey’ on the first try he apparently won a bet with Kick streamer Adin Ross for $100K. According to Dexerto, Ross offered Cenat $100K if he could defeat the 7th Elden Ring boss on the first try, and Cenat rose

Anthony DiMoro Anthony DiMoro

Fresh & Fit’s Myron Challenges xQc to Debate

Myron Gaines responds to xQc's comments with a challenge

Anthony DiMoro Anthony DiMoro

TikTok Now Labeling Content Created by External Tools

While the future of ByteDance's short form content platform TikTok is uncertain in the United States, the company continues to make changes and are implementing additional generative AI transparency measures to help the platform's users have a better understanding of how the tech is being utilized, both negative and positive. TikTok’s working with the Coalition for Content Provenance and Authenticity (C2PA) to

Anthony DiMoro Anthony DiMoro
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Twitter Expands Community Notes to More Regions

Twitter is furthering their efforts to expand it's Community Notes feature as

Anthony DiMoro Anthony DiMoro

TikTok Reportedly Laying Off Employees in Effort to Reduce Costs

TikTok isn't immune to the latest wave of layoffs within the tech

Anthony DiMoro Anthony DiMoro

TikTok CEO Comments Following TikTok Ban Bill Signed by President Biden

TikTok is facing a ban following President Biden signing the bill on

Anthony DiMoro Anthony DiMoro

Amouranth Offers to Join OTK, Buy 10% of Company

Amouranth shoots her shot with OTK

Anthony DiMoro Anthony DiMoro

Pinterest Hosting a Creative Tips and Insights Event

Pinterest is hosting a virtual event, in collaboration with Picsart, that will

Anthony DiMoro Anthony DiMoro

Amazon Announces Layoffs Impacting AWS, Twitch

Amazon has announced another round of layoffs that will see around 9,000

Anthony DiMoro Anthony DiMoro

Veterinarians Warn Against New TikTok Trend Of Popping Your Cats Pimples

A number of veterinarians are warning against a new trend on TikTok

Anthony DiMoro Anthony DiMoro
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YouTube Announces New Programming for Black History Month

YouTube has officially announced their new slate of programming to celebrate Black History Month which includes an emphasis on it's community spotlight series, which will be utilized to spotlight some

Anthony DiMoro Anthony DiMoro

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